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Is the merit badge sash required for good uniforming?

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While surely wearing the sash is recommended for scouts once they reach a certain number of badges, is necessary? Does the scout "need" to wear the brag banner? Should a sash be expected at a BOR, especially Eagle?


Am asking both from a perspective of accepted opinions, and concrete rules. I do not see any absolute that it is necessary. The scout does not have to show off his merit badges should he choose not to, or for some reason is uncomfortable with it. As long as his records prove his having earned the needed badges his rank should be secure. At least that is the way I read it.


This has come up due to a lost sash, the replacement of which will run in the area of one hundred dollars or more. The young man is on the verge of his BOR, but the sash has yet to be located. Should he need a new one to complete the board, or should the formal record be enough?


While I would surely like him to have a sash, it seems foolish to spend the money to replace the cloth and patches. But, I do not want the issue to taint the board either. Thoughts.

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I had one scout call me before an EBoR in a panic because he could not find a web belt. I told him that a leather belt would be acceptable, and the committee would not even notice. I closed the call wishing him well and assuring him he'd do just fine! And he did.


It was all I could do to keep from calling the committee chair and asking him to point out the belt during the review! :p


Focus on what's under the uniform rather than what's on it.


Our boys never wear sashes to BORs.

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No sash, no official problem Wearing the Uniform—or Neat in Appearance

It is preferred a Scout be in full field uniform for any board of review. He should wear as much of it as he owns, and it should be as correct as possible, with the badges worn properly. It may be the uniform as the members of his troop, team, crew, or ship wear it. If wearing all or part of the uniform is impractical for whatever reason, the candidate should be clean and neat in his appearance and dressed appropriately, according to his means, for the milestone marked by the occasion. Regardless of unit, district, or council expectations or rules, boards of review shall not reject candidates solely for reasons related to uniforming or attire, as long as they are dressed to the above description. Candidates shall not be required to purchase uniforming or clothing such as coats and ties to participate in a board of review.



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When my son was in scouts, he went to a weekend camping outing at a local Boy Scouts Camp.  Why he took his merit badge sash, I do not know.  Anyways, he came home without it.  I had him call the camp, and they said they found it, and took it to the Boy Scouts office.  Whoever he talk to on the phone, said he left the sash on the District Executive desk.  I went in the next day to get it, but it had disappeared from the desk.  The DE remember seeing it, but had no idea what happened to it.  His desk was one big mess!


My son had to purchase a new sash and all the merit badges (over 20) that were on it.

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Officially a Boy Scout is not required to have a uniform.  It's nice if he does. 


Okay he has one, it has the council strip, the troop number and his rank on it.  Nothing else is needed.


Any bling beyond owning a uniform is officially optional for the boy. 


Any BOR that makes a stink about a uniform or uniform piece needs to be retrained in their role.


A boy that loses his necker, slide, belt, sock, sash, hat, or whatever can, if he wishes replace it.  It is not necessary.  I would recommend that if he loses one pant leg from his zip-off's he "lose" the other one as well.


The uniform is nice, it is not required.

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