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Maybe not.  :) It's a wee bit off topic, but the dynamics apply.  Back when two Lutheran synods merged there were many churches that were from each prospective synods in the same town, even the same small town.  One such situation occurred when on one corner of the block stood one church and the other was on the other end of the block with their parking lots between them.  When the synods merged, the two churches celebrated by taking down the chain-link fence between the parking lots.  But I do believe both churches are fully operational.  :)


Less than 5 miles from my house straddling a major highway out of town are two convenience stores... owned by the same franchise.  :)


What makes anyone think that an old Cabelas and a Bass Pro couldn't exist in the same town?  One specializing in small items and the other in larger items.  Genius has it's limits, stupidity goes on forever.  :)

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I've seen several examples like your convenience stores too. Gas stations come to mind.  Some grocery stores. And until recently we had two ace hardware stores no more than a mile or so down the road.  Both ace but different franchise owners.



your two churches and the fence story cracks me up.

I often think how "funny" it is sometimes when I drive along noticing all the churches.  It's very common really, Usually grouped very close along some stretches of roads.  You'll have two churches across the street from each other, another down the road a short piece, then another, then maybe two more right next door.  All of them Christian, just with different twists to the same theme.  Often two or more will even be the same denomination.  I just scratch my head sometimes thinking of how the events might have unfolded for that to be in any given community.

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It's truly funny with churches, especially when it comes to closing or merging with a same denomination/synod church.  These organizations are super deep with family histories and family power struggles and outsiders, even those across the street are not part of their world.  The two families can be totally into being best of buddies on a social level....except for the church.  To even bring up the subject of merger or closure is heresy.  You'd do better spitting in their face, they'll forgive you, but don't mention merger or closure, they'll burn you at the stake in a heartbeat.  :)


While the impact of Bass Pro and Cabelas merging is not that big of an impact on Scouting as some might be led to believe.  The merging and closing of scout units close to each other over the years has made for some interesting discussions which to a lesser extent seem to have the same dynamics of churches.

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Guys, you can have 10 churches on a city block. Yes, the all serve Christian church goers BUT they cannot serve ALL church goers.


Two carry your analogy to a more proper place, the Cabelas/Bass merger would be like have 4 Catholic churches on the same block. Eventually the Bishop will close a few if there are not enough parishioners to keep them going.


Unless Cabelas or Bass decide to specialize (Bass in fishing, Cabelas in hunting/outdoors) you will eventually cannibalize the other. Brand loyalty will be another big player in this game.

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"Fishing and hunting equipment chain Cabela's said it agreed to be bought by Bass Pro Shops in a deal valued at $5.5 billion that will help the privately held company nearly double its store count in North America.

The offer of $65.50 per share is a 19.2 percent premium to Cabela's close on Friday.


The combined company will own 184 stores in the United States and Canada."




Message from Bass Pro to employees and vendors, Q&A


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Sale still pending.

BassPro has lowered the offer.

Gander Mountain has declared bankruptcy.


It's not competition with each other, it's online shopping.

If you like to handle your gear before donating your cash, support your local store.

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"Outdoors and hunting store Gander Mountain found a new owner after filing for bankruptcy in March, and what remains of the brand will become part of the Camping World chain of RV dealerships and camping supply stores. It’s a messy, painful process and the list of which Gander Mountain locations will remain open continues to change, based on the latest list released by the company’s new owners.

Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis originally estimated that he would keep open between 17 and 70 stores, and the tally as of right now is 63 stores, with more leases reportedly under negotiation. Some stores on the original re-opening list have been removed, notably the Palm Beach, FL location, where Lemonis says that the city will not allow Camping World to sell RVs."


Under the current list, the store near us will close.  The product line went sharply cheapo a few years ago - not the prices.  They went up and the quality went down.

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