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Problems with forum login

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Ok so I had forum sign up problems.


I created an account htusa. It said it would send validation email. I waited for over 3 days for the email that never came. I checked all spam and junk folders. Nothing.

I switched to several new emails and nothing..


So I tried to create an account by linking my Facebook account and it popped up with a 505 Error.

It allowed me to create an account with Twitter.  New username is htusa31.


I tried sending out a few PMs to admins and it restricted my PMs but it only allows for 2 messages to be sent. One of the two I sent to was last active in September and the other a week ago.




htusa and htusa31


FYI you can tell me which account you want me to use and then delete the other. 





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Welcome to the forums! Sorry you are having difficulties. I am notifying the proper authorities. If I understand your post correctly, this account is working and the other is not, so you should probably continue using this account.

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