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I'm the parent of a tiger scout down here in Florida. I was a cub/boyscout myself many years ago and thought it would be great for my son. So far, he's enjoying it and it's given us something more to do during the evening and weekends.


I'm scouring the interwebs for information because, at our last den meeting, my wife and I were approached to be the new assistant cubmaster and either a den leader or committee member. He had considered both of us leading a den together but, were just not sure if we have the knowledge or time to take both of these seemingly higher caliber roles. Anyway, I'll be poking and nosing around seeing what others have been asking previously.



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Welcome to the forum.  :)


As far as the volunteering is concerned, go for it.  Take the training, pace yourself, and enjoy the journey.  Sounds like you have your heart in the right place, so 90% of the work is already done.

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Ya, Raignis, welcome.   Remember the Cub Mantra:   KiS MiF,  KiS MiF..... Keep it simple , make it fun, and you won't go far wrong.


Cub Scouting should do two things:   Teach stuff that the Cub can use (remembering his limitations of age and size) that you can couch in fun  but is still worth his effort,and (two)  having fun with his "gang", his Den.   Ideally, the Den should be the gang he likes to hang out with, go and do stuff with.  You, his parent and Den Leader see to that.   

Learning how to throw a rescue rope.  Tying knots and using them (how to really tie your shoe so it won't come undone)  How to hike safely and effectively (what to carry, what to see and do along the way).  Visits to the model train club, the airport, dad's  work place,  stuff they don't teach or do in school should be your prime objective.  Build bird houses and feeders,  Finding out that yeah, they really can hike 4 miles (or more!).  Contact the local Boy Scout Troop and elicit the services of a Den Chief. This young man, with your coaching , can be the best thing ever for a Cub  Den.  He probably has been a Cub Scout and can coach YOU on how to be a successful Den Leader.    

Use the Cub Themes, go to RoundTable,   look up "BALOO'S Bugle"  online , or perhaps someone nearby ("old timer")  has an old print copy to share or pass on.

Your boy is only 8 years old once.   Make the most of it, and he won't regret it.

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Welcome (back) to Cub Scouting.


Depending on the roles you work with, the updated CS advancement program was accompanied with rich resources for leaders.


Full den leader guides with meeting plans are available for purchase at your scout shop or online at scoutstuff.org. Sample meeting plans are available at cubscouts.org.


Cubmasters will find full pack meeting plans available at http://www.scouting.org/Home/CubScouts/Leaders/CubmasterResources/PackMeetingPlans.aspx


In service,



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