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New Cub Scouter!

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Hi everyone my name is Desiree from CT. I'm very new to Cub scouts and have many questions. I stumbled across this site adn just had to join. Looks like a great place to set up camp and get talking around the camp fire. Thanks for having my I know I will love it here....

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Cold and snow? Come down to our neck of the woods to thaw out but not bake. We were a beautiful 72 degrees today with the lightest wind. The birds were singing and the bees were humming. Oh my goodness, it was almost too good to be true. Sorry, just had to brag. But don't worry, it will probably only get to 40 tomorrow. Just never know down here. That's why we dress in layers so we can peel off a layer at a time as it warms up (or not).


BTW, welcome!!


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