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This thread was spun from another thread.In reading Eammon's post in What to do without a DE it really got me wondering -- How often do most of you have Key 3 meetings and/or contact? Eammon said they meet weekly and talk almost daily. Is that typical, high, low?


We went for many months without a DE and are still struggling to get back up to standard since our DE is so new (he's at PDL I right now). The only time we seem to meet is when I insist on a meeting. I try to keep communications going with e-mail but our new DE doesn't have e-mail so that hasn't worked very well. Is there a standard that BSA recommends? I haven't found it (but haven't looked too hard, since there are many fires at this point).


Thanks.(This message has been edited by AdvanceOn)

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Pam our DE is not a computer whiz. In fact she only bought a computer within the last year or so. She really likes it. When she found it had a CD burner she spent many happy hours copying her music CD's for me. Last week she informed me that she had a new CD from national and was going to copy it for me. A few days later she was upset that the darn thing wouldn't copy. She has several pals that work in the national office so she informed them about her plight. Telling them that there was no use in sending her just one copy that couldn't be copied. Good thing that the chap she was talking to is a pal as from what she says she gave him a good ear bashing. She got really mad when he laughed at her. He then told her it was DVD!! Pam doesn't have a DVD burner. She doesn't have a DVD player.

The DVD is interactive and titled Meetings Of The District. It covers all the meetings of the District. I have only viewed it once, but plan to use parts of it as training for the District Committee. (I will use my laptop and a LCD projector)

There is a lot of material out there for use by the key3. I will locate what I have and post the bin #.

Your profile doesn't say what position you hold, but the fact that you say that there is many fires burning makes me wonder if maybe you might be doing too much? Last year I was District Chair. Along with Council Training Chair. And it was fine and dandy or so I thought. This year even with joining the Area Committee which so far doesn't entail me doing very much (It will once plans for the World Jamboree get really under way - But by then I will no longer be the District Chair.) I find that I have so much more time to devote to the District and I am not only doing a better job but I'm starting to enjoy it more.

Do ask yor Scout Exec. about the DVD it is full of good ideas.


Pam and I talk everyday but 50% of the time is not about Scouts.

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Not sure what happened to my profile. It was there a short while ago? Anyway, I am District Commissioner. The fires that I am talking about are struggling units,district committee (or lack thereof), etc. Yes, I am busy but I am trying very hard to do my job and not everyone elses. Which seems to be difficult to convince others. I got a call about a SFF meeting and they hoped I would attend. I'm not the chair for that and have no intention of adding another meeting to my plate (just got home from Commissioner Cabinet as it is). I immediately e-mailed the district SFF chair to let him know about hte meeting.


Anyway, thanks for the information and I will check about the DVD. I'm also hoping our new DE comes back refreshed from PDL. He gets home Friday evening and then comes to our District Pinewood Derby on Saturday.



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I have served on the Key 3 in a couple of Districts. We met formally once a month the week prior to the District Committee meeting. After the meeting we did a reflection of the District meeting in the parking lot or over a cup of coffee and pie. It was not unusual for us to be in contact with one another over the phone or by e-mail at least every-other day.

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