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Pack meetings and handing out advancements

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Oh well, back to YPT for me I guess.


And remember, when you take the YPT training, read the book, don't just look at the pictures.   :)



(Sorry, @@gumbymaster but your comment was just too good to just let pass by.)


Now the moderators can slap my wrist and we can go back to our regularly scheduled programming......

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Thanks, yeah I figured the most simple/logical route would be the way to go.  I don't like to sugar coat stuff, and quite honestly I've never been a fan of "give a kid something for not trying", like a consolation prize.  


You didn't earn it, you don't get it.


These days, that's likely to get you sued (or worse) though, just wanted to see what others might be doing in that situation.


I'd be hugely disappointed if any den or pack handed out awards for kids who didn't complete the task solely because they didn't want a kid to feel bad.  When the motto is Do Your Best, all integrity in the program is lost for freebie awards. 

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