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"Supplemental Insurance" question

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I have been told that at any council/district event that will have to charge the scouts and leaders for supplemental insurance.  Appearantly the going rate is $2 per scout per night.  When I called council about it they kinda gave me the run around and said its about $1.70ish per scout and most districts round up to $2.  I have a hard time understanding why there is a charge.  If the event is a camporee , I must charge for the event, but if I take my troop to the same site weither it be a boy scout camp or off site to camp I do not have to charge.  I am just wondering if other councils are being charged?  And if it is supplemental, why is it manditory?


Thanks in advance

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Accident insurance is an interesting, and confusing topic. It can be handled a multitude of ways, and if anyone can give a better, or more current, explanation please do so.


If memory serves correctly, individual units can get the supplemental accident insurance that covers all of their activities. So if you take you troop to the local scout camp and get a dislocated shoulder with fractures, the UNIT ACCIDENT insurance covers it. If you do not take it, then you have to pay out of pocket.


Councils MUST have accident insurance for their events. They need to charge a per person.per event fee to cover it. Again they must have it. So when district/council events are planned, the insurance must be budgeted. So if your unit opted out of the supplemental unit policy above, and go to a district/council camporee, you  will be covered. It sounds like that is what your council is doing.


Another option, one that my council does, is make it MANDATORY for all units to have through the council. At recharter, in addition to the $24 national fee, all participants, INCLUDING TIGER PARTNERS (emphasis) pay $1 for accident insurance. BEST DOLLAR SPENT EVER!


On a personal note, the BSA's insurance company is AWESOME!  I've been dealing with them for the past 2 months. Problems I've have had were VERY easily resolved, and great customer service. Well worth it.

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I'm just guessing here, but the Unit Accident insurance covers individual registered MEMBERS and is always secondary to their own health insurance.  The insurance charged for events (even training sessions I put on) is liability insurance for the council.  For instance, if the custodian trips over the pinewood derby track on Saturday morning and breaks a leg and they sue the Council.  When you use a venue that is not Council property, you usually have to show proof of insurance for the event.

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This could be a lot of things, and at least part of the reason that you don't get a straight answer is that few people really understand insurance or know how to ask the right questions to pin down the details.  This often includes all but the top council pros, many a DE doesn't understand it fully and pretty much just accepts that that's the way it is.


When someone says it's "supplemental" insurance the first obvious question is supplemental to what, and then what is being insured against, who is being insured, etc.


Almost certainly the Council has a general liability policy or policies which protect them from claims arising from the negligence of their employees and agents as well as any hazardous conditions of their properties.  BSA provides general liability coverage for volunteers and an additional liability coverage for Chartered Organizations.  There is also Optional Sickness and Injury coverage available to councils and/or units; like Eagle94 our council automatically provides this.  


You don't fully describe what type of event your looking at here or if you have a specific interest in needing to understand it.  A possible supplement to the Council's primary liability policy could be liability coverage for events that occur on non-scout properties.   


Another possibility is that this isn't really a direct cost for each event but rather a way for the council to recoup the costs for the Optional Sickness and Injury Coverage which they may be providing the same way my council does.  there are lots of "rules" varying from Council to Council about how and how much to charge for events to cover costs that may not be directly a cash cost for the event itself.  


I would urge everybody to understand what kind of insurance coverage their unit, council, and CO have.  Sooner or later someone, scout or scouter, is going to get hurt when you're involved in a scouting activity.  You have a responsibility to yourself, your own family, and those you lead to Be Prepared for when that happens.

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Forgot about the liability insurance. I saw "supplemental" and automatically assumed accident.


Liability insurance, at least back in the day, was on a per person/per event basis. So both Accident Insurance and Liability Insurance had to be budgeted.


And I agree with knowing the insurance policy and procedures. I've made a few mistakes in dealing with the Boy Scout insurance. Thankfully they are very understanding, friendly, and work with you.

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