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I need thoughts on problems with a den leader

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All these rules are for the adults.  Cub age boys don't know what the rules are, nor should they care.  They're in it for fun.


Make your decisions based on what is best for the boys.  (And that will not always be the official BSA position, i.e. water guns)


I'd focus on the Boy Scout joining requirements (Scout Badge) and let the rest go.  What is going to be the best help for the boys in their future?  Now, if the troop really is just an Eagle Mill that runs as a Weeb3 den, the best thing for the boys is to start visiting other troops.  And that would solve you COR problem.

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Also writing from experience having been Assistant Den Leader, Assistant Cubmaster, Cubmaster, & Defacto Committee Chair.... and having worked with Scouters that refuse to play with the "program"

This is a self-correcting problem. Plan a big crossover ceremony early next year. 'Til then, smile. Be gracious. Say, "well bless your heart" a lot.

Agree with the others that this is not a hill to die on.   Encourage the DL to keep the bar raised for all the boys to the best of her ability. Accept that as a CC, you may have to endure a little m

He is the COR for both the troop and pack. This whole pack/troop has been messed up for years and we can only fix the pack right now. I have heard from many people that our troop is nothing but an eagle factory and I have witnessed it myself. The boys do not even cook for themselves when they go camping. They have no patrol and no den cheifs. I just cant worry about what is going on in the troop when I have enough on my plate with the pack and all its drama. I hate drama :(



Remember there are options when yoour son looks for troops.

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Yep, this could be so much fun if it weren't for the adult drama!


The only other advise I can give at this point is don't take this Cub stuff too seriously.

and don't burn yourself out.


seems like you have lots of energy for scouting.  Probably more than any other scouters in the pack.  I don't remember if you said what stage your son(s) are... meaning how many more years in cubs you have.... but be careful.  I know from experience that the adult drama can squash that energy you have.  

Step back & Get some perspective once in awhile.... for me, that came in looking forward, gaining a better understanding of what comes after the boys cross over to a troop.  It helped me understand that all of this Cub advancement stuff is a method to fun.  It doesn't really carry over... doesn't really matter.

What matters is

   fun for the boys

   setting an example for the boys

   making a difference in your son's life with memories they can hold forever

   & keeping them safe


I don't believe in pencil whipping stuff, but you have to realize that in the big picture much of this program stuff is just not life critical.  some of it's downright boring even.... so make it fun.

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If the new Webelos are joining the troop in February (or May) my view is that your Pack has this time to retain them in the scouting movement.  They need to have fun and worthwhile experiences with their buddies.  Let the den leader run her interesting experiences with a minimum of attention from you.


The early ranks of Boy Scouts will teach them what they need to know, as the Boy Scout program is designed.  Do Webelos who come out of a good Webelos program have a bit of a leg up?  Yes.  But we all should know and remember that the Boy Scout program is designed to take any boy, age 11 and up, regardless of previous experiences.


(If you feel that any advancement is not truly earned within the Webelos den, I wouldn't die on that hill.  After all we count on all our adults to be Trustworthy, Wolf parents who might have pencil whipped a handbook and even Webelos den leaders we clash with.)


I agree with the other advice, calendar their bridging ceremony. At the bridging formally thank that den leader for her x years of service (small gift or plaque) to mark the end of her service with your pack.  Left handed hand shakes all around.


While she is doing Webelos stuff you focus on the rest of the Pack's program.  Get your leaders trained and develop a good program at all the other levels.  Make sure volunteers are recruited and all parents are contributing on some level to make the pack go.  Den chiefs are an excellent idea.


With the other boy she does not want to take, I think that is a conversation with the parents as to what they want to do if you have no program for them.  Does he want to have fun experiences with the WebI den or WebII den?  Or move directly to a troop?


Thanks for your service, enjoy the boys.

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"Oh and did i mention that DL is refusing to get Baloo to take her boys on a webelos campout?"


From a post by Scoutnut, Posted 01 September 2014 - 10:45 AM

"BALOO is required for camping as a Pack. For Webelos camping alone as a den there is no outdoor training that is required by BSA National. Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders is highly recommended, but not required by BSA National. Check with your local council to verify what their requirements are. Local councils are allowed to have stricter policies."
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