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Scouting is Truly a Family

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I have just experienced proof positive that Scouintg is a family of support.  A week ago I had a TIA and had restrictions on driving, though had a lot of doctor appointments and such.  My troop immediately stepped in to help with the needs.  When they put me in the hospital with a blocked artery they visited;including our district exec; even had one of my more recent Eagles call me from college on the east coast.  After the stent, the doctor said he would send me home, but I needed a ride.  Our council exec called to find out how I was while the doctor was in my room.  I mentioned I could go home, but needed to get a ride.  The exec immediately siad he would drive a rt of about 80 miles to get me home.  


I would like to think that ours is not the only exec out there that would do such a thing, and am very glad that we have this man as ours.  He has shown himself to be well aware of the people in the trenches, but this is truly above and beyond.


Hopefully, most unit families are like mine in the way they support their members and families.  It helps to know you have people to reach out to in emergencies or rough times..  This experience to me epitomizes the true spirit of Scouting.


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Glad to hear you are doing well.  Even with our bickering we are all in this together and will do anything to help one another.  Best of luck friend.


Everyone who has raised kids knows how this works.  I can fight with my brothers and sisters, but if some outsider even so much as looks cross-eyed at them, they'll have to answer to me.  :)

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