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If anyone out there has a picture of an Eagle Medal, with a Eagle in the Background could you post it here. Also, I wish to have a picture of an Eagle Scout surrounded by his mother and father, and a lot of different Scouts looking on.


I would very much appreciate it, its to put on the bulletin thingie for my Eagle COH. Its not yet, but I'm just not waiting to the last minute to find the pics. Blood Drive planned for March 13. Wish me luck!!!

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Try this site http://www.valleyscouters.org/boyscouttroop411/eagles%20nest/411%20Eagle%20Scouts.html for the eagle scout medal.


If you go to www.google.com and click on the images tab, you can search the internet for images. I found some Eagle Scouts and their parents (obviously from their Court of Honor) but no generic picture like you are looking for. But I didn't search too long.

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