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Where have you gone for High Adventure trips?

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Back when I was SM our troop made 2 trips to Rocky Mountain National Park, 1 trip each to Pecos Wilderness in New Mexico,  Porcupine Mountain State Park on Lake Superior in Michigan, Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina, and Shenendoah National Park in Virginia with a side trip to DC.  We were a backpacking troop at the time.

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Boundary Waters

Sea Base

Laguna Station, South Padre Island

Chisholm Trail Adventure, Dallas, TX

Houseboating, Lake Cumberland, KY

Apostle Islands Kayaking

Manistee River (MI) canoeing

Whitewater  Rafting (New River, WV)

Maine HA Area

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We live in an area that HA is pretty much standard fare.


Philmont and Sea Base are the only long distance treks.


We do:


Whitewater canoeing.

Big lake kayaking


Week long canoeing on any river we like.

Biking the state bike trails for a week.

Ice Age Trail


We don't do Phillmont and Sea Base much because of age restrictions and cost.


The rest of the treks are pretty cheap fare.


Next summer will be 6 day canoe trip in June instead of summer camp.  Boys are 2-3 pre-FC scouts and whatever Webelos cross-overs that join.  Canoeing and Fishing MB's are on the schedule already.

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When I was a Varsity Team Coach (remember those days?) all my team members got their Scuba Certification. We had great fund raisers and

this allowed us to take diving trips to Grand Cayman; Cayman Brac;Cozumel and several trips to Bonaire. The Team members are now adults.

Three of the Team are Scout Leaders in the local area. What is interesting, most of the Team members still dive and still talk about their "Scout



I am very glad this Scout Program worked for these young people. In my openion, it proves skills learned and developed with the BSA can be

used in every day life.


A Scout Salute to those leaders who keep the 'older scouts' active in the Venture and Sea Scout Programs. Keep up yhr great work!

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Extended weekends seem to be the best we can do.


Summer's just heartbreaking with all of the vacation-schedule conflicts.

(Yes, I know. Enjoy the ones who came. Stop fretting over the ones who didn't. Blah, blah, blah ... I'll put on a good face, but am still irked!)


I've known other crews to have great success on winter break. I'd love to give it a try ... but it is categorically off the table in my hood. :(

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We also have a lot of HA options within a 2-3 hour drive. We've canoed out to islands for summer campouts, done multi-day backpacks, some trips to coral reefs and such, wild cave exploring, etc. I've always been partial to a winter canoe trip down a long blackwater river or maybe on the Okeefenokee or just snorkeling through a bunch of N Florida springs. But the adventure doesn't have to be in some spectacular setting: it could be discovery of all sorts of things in the local woods.

It seems like the 'high' part of adventure often translates into some kind of extra physical exertion. It doesn't have to be that way at all if the 'adventure' part of it is good enough.

We did a wonderful HA trip by just going fishing for the whole weekend and we even had the added pleasure of being able to eat our way through part of that adventure.

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It's all relative.  A veteran scout who has gone down a certain section of whitewater in a canoe may not think it as HA as much as the new Webelo cross-over who has never had a paddle in his hands and now finds himself in the front of the canoe heading down some pretty scary rapids.  


Little does he know he's only ballast to hold down the front of the canoe for the veteran scout in the back.  :)

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Met a troop today on a mountain trail. They were having a great high adventure backpack. Won't mention names, places, or numbers but there were at least 5 adults for about 10 boys. The boys were kicking butt at being 'up' to this trail, too, lol. At least the adults had a sense of humor about it. I mentioned to the boys that there is a McDonald's up the trail a ways and they 'pounced' asking how far? I said, "about 25 miles off trail"..it was beautiful.

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