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Where have you gone for High Adventure trips?

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I have a small Troop.  The older Scouts want to go on a high adventure trip but they don't know where.  All of them have been to Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area.  1 has been to Philmont.  I'm looking for ideas to give them.


Where has your Troop gone?  And it doesn't have to be BSA.



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My unit usually does philmont. We have done seabase as a troop. We have sent boys to northern tier but we have not gone as a troop. We have not been to the one in West Virginia yet. We have done high adventure with a few summer camps such as Daniel Boone, Alexander, Ben Delatour, Gorham and a few others.

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I'm interested in following this thread, even though I'm a ways away from this point....

But I have wondered what sorts of things that a venture troop would go that a regular troop wouldn't around here.... North Florida


I mean, If you live near the mountains, I can see doing some more hard-core multi-day hikes in the mountains... maybe so "Running Wild With Bear Grylls" type stuff


But around here... maybe a multi day canoe down the Suwannee maybe.... a SCUBA trip perhaps....???

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Son' troop is going to Philmont.  Growing up, the city my troop was in had a twin city in Canada. It was worked out that a contingent from my district would go canoeing, with a few Canadian Scout guides, up in Canada. Sea Scout Ship did a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico.


A troop I was in had just come back from a backpacking expedition out west. I think Grand Canyon or Yellowstone. It was just before I joined the troop.


One folded crew did the Pamlico Sea Base in NC for a week long kayaking expedition.


One folded troop did a weeklong Appalachian Trail expedition


Suwannee reminded of a trip I did with a "hoods in da woods" I worked right after college. That trip was part of the training I went trhough.


HA can be found whereever your Scouts look.

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Maybe you should first get a feel of what types of activities they are interested in so you can recomend places providing those opportunites.

Bingo! High adventure is not a where, but a what. After the boys decide on the adventure, then they can decide on the geography.

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Bingo! High adventure is not a where, but a what. After the boys decide on the adventure, then they can decide on the geography.

not a where, but a what.....


Kinda seems to me that it's a bit of both

hard to have much "high adventure" without something to challenge

vertical - as in climbing, rappelling, etc...

action - white water, skiing, canoeing perhaps, sailing

challenge - SCUBA, snow caves, primitive survival

distance - multi-day hikes... but then that's not much of an adventure unless some of these other things are thrown in...


so while a few of these might be possible any old place, most require a where to make happen

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Sea Base


Isle Royale National Park

Wind River Range, Wyoming

Apostle Islands, Lake Superior


Bright Sand River, Canada

but what "adventure" do they do at these places?


I for one am still trying to understand what these existing venture crews do that's so special....


Don't get me wrong, I love the idea since these are things I liked to do and am interested in.... but my imagination limits what I can think to do around here....

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Troop has been to all four BSA high adventure bases. 

But High Adventure doesn't need to be something like a BSA adventure base. Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Grand Canyon for people out West. Out East Shenandoah or Smokey Mountains are both great choices for Backpacking.



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Seabase was the Out Island Adventure

Apostle Islands was kyacking and camping

Bright Sand River in Cananda was canoeing and camping

Wind River Range and Isle Royale was backpacking

Alaska was kyacking, backpacking, and deep sea fishing.

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