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Yet again, best scouting promotion not by BSA pro's ...

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yeah, maybe so.... but at 11 did you want to give mouth-to-mouth to a GIRL?

older boys, yeah well ok well maybe so :wub:


and I don't think most young boys can relate to the tug on the heart strings of saving your child that this add does so well... that was my line of thinking anyway about it be targeted to adults

This ain't confession ... so anything specific rattling around in my pre-teen head will be left unwritten! :o But, seriously, it's been a while since I've seen a scouting PSA that works so many angles in so quickly...


Youth want to see themselves as heroes/heroins. This clip tugs on that string pretty solidly.

Youth want to grow up right. So the transition to an adult plays into that desire too.


Definitly the tug on the parent is well played.

And, for us life guards, anybody else's heart skip a beat over a boy "going" without support?

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Well, yeah, BSA has run Scout PSAs . Council /local driven. Get up early sunday morning, you can see'm.   The local TV stations, if not owned by a national company (?Gannett?) will try to fulfill their "public service" requirement, but they are not "required" to show them in "prime time", just averaged out over the week. 

That South African ad is certainly the best I've seen in a long time. 

How many of us use our Scout training in our adult lives?   I tell my Scouts, they may never need the ideas and knowledge and skills they learn in Scouting, but when it is needed, they will be glad they have it.  Knot tieing,  survival skills when the power goes out,  cooking, spare tire changing,  first aid, much less CPR....


From the first Artificial Respiration training I had as a Scout, I say I have learned at least 6 new, improved variations.  The science of life saving has evolved and improved.  I was not called upon to utilize that skill until I was in my mid fifties.  It all came back to me very quickly, as I was the only one in the crowd that was NOT standing around hoping someone would DO something, and the only one that TOLD someone to call the rescue squad. 


Download it.  Screensaver it.  Stream  it.  Show it at your Roundtable.  Show it at your Troop meeting.  

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