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Yet again, best scouting promotion not by BSA pro's ...

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I agree, very well done.


I also agree we probably wouldn't see anything like that here. Some marketing pinhead would probably argue that it's "too challenging" for "American audiences" (no background music? How are they supposed to know how too feel? People will be confused by the switch from child to adult. etc.).

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Sure they have TV and radio ads.  But it generally is up to each council to run these ads.  The ad spots would come out of the council's budget.  I have seen a few over the years but they tend to be at less popular times and channels.


See some ads here: http://www.scouting.org/Home/Marketing/Recruiting_Build/PSAs_Eng.aspx

Interesting. Those are decent. I've never seen them anywhere in my local area. Not as good as the South African one, but not too bad.

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yep, agreed.

but very different feel


I think they might appeal to cub scouts aged kids

and a bit to the parents maybe


The South African one was more adult focused I think

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Adult focused?

I'm pretty sure 11-year-old me would think "I wanna be that guy."

yeah, maybe so.... but at 11 did you want to give mouth-to-mouth to a GIRL?

older boys, yeah well ok well maybe so :wub:


and I don't think most young boys can relate to the tug on the heart strings of saving your child that this add does so well... that was my line of thinking anyway about it be targeted to adults

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