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This district will self destruct in 5..4..3...

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We have Districts in our council who have existed this way for years.

A few years back I was talking with one of the other District Commissioners in our council

the entire Key 3 and District Committee consisted of her and the DE


Recently we had 2 DE's quit.

One of our District's now only has a District Chair - nothing else


I have no idea how they function but they still exist.


My District has 25 people on the roster...and they still can't put a camporee together.


Unless your SE/Executive board decides to merge districts they will exist with whoever is willing to step up

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Our district has been pretty much none existent for nearly 2 year.  The SE refuses to appoint a district Chairman and we no longer have a DE.  

The District Chairman is elected by the District Committee from a slate named by the District Nominating Committee - all volunteers.  Does the SE have influence? Sure, but it is the responsibility of volunteers to work the process.






Unit support, program (including training), and membership are all volunteer responsibilities.

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"The work is done by whoever shows up"


Often , somebody has to make the call and ASK folks to show up.   Often,  most people don't know there is a need until somebody asks, "hey, we haven't had a Camporee lately,  who wants to help?"    Often, the only thing that is needed is for someone to point their finger and say "you da man!"   and ""Hey, we need YOUR expertise here..."

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