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I was looking for some help on patch questions for my daughter's Brownie vest and found this place.


Didn't answer the question yet, but I'm sure it will. I was told I could just buy them at the GS store and put them on. But, someone told me they had to be earned first so a bit confused. She earned her Dad and Me, Mom & Me and My Pets and Me ones that's for sure :D That and wondering if there are special places for some. Like the Ribbon one that has a resemblance of our flag.


I'm sure I wont be able to participate like others. I was a scout as a boy, but that was a long time ago. I wanted my daughter to have an activity to be around children her own age and I knew Scouting was a great idea. We both love it down here in Orlando.


How 'bout them Cookies :D:D:D





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Hello...welcome...I think there are some very dedicated girl scout leaders on this forum who can help you out. My own daughter is beginning her Gold Award project now...Girl Scouts is a great thing. I am now placing in my mouth the last Thin Mint until next year. So sad.(This message has been edited by SemperParatus)

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Well Howdy right back at you Browniedad !


It sounds like this is your first year in Girl Scouts, I know that your daughter will have lots of fun!


The patches you mentioned, "Dad & Me", "Mom & Me", and "Pets & Me" are what we call participation or fun patches. These go on the back of the vest or sash. The girls "earn" fun patches by participating in certain events. Usually the "? & Me" patches are for events (like a Dad & Me dance) that are put on by the local area Service Unit. The cost of the patch is usually included in the event fee and the patch is handed out to the participants at the event. If your daughter attended some of these events, but did not receive a patch at that time, then yes, you should be able to purchase these at your local Council Scout Shop. I would ask your daughter's Troop Leader before buying these patches though. If your daughter attended these events as part of a Troop activity then her Leader may have already purchased them for the girls and be planning to give them out at a later date.


Brownie "Try-Its" are triangle shaped patches that the girls earn by completing various activites in different areas of interest. They are "official" patches and would go on the front of the vest or sash.


To find out where to put insignia on a Brownie uniform you can check out the GSUSA National website :




We are currently in the middle of the "Order-Taking" phase of our cookie program. We do order taking until 01/31, the cookies come in 02/19 and then we do booth sales for a month. I am the Cookie Manager for our Service Unit (our town). At least, with my girls being adult Girl Scouts now, I am not selling this year. What fun!




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