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My priority is to avoid boring and repetitive flag ceremonies.



BSA seems like those type of ceremonies since there are so many of them. ;)


You *can* have flag ceremonies that are crisp and not boring and well-done. By their definition, such ceremonies are repetitive. I think the new Honor Guard concept is a step in that direction.




EDIT: You can see one council decided to make this a program and make it more repetitive and uniform by having the BYU Air Force ROTC help train the crews.

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<<No, that's not my problem, it is the problem defined by the U. S. Flag Code adopted by Congress.  And no they do not prescribe anything other that what's written in the Code.  For further reference, review the document, it's on-line.>>





I'm not bound by the US flag code adopted by Congress. I'm a BSA volunteer  and I do things that carry out my program.

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<<Flag ceremonies are never "incorrect" if people take time to do it respectfully.  >>




This is my priority.



I've been a Tiger Cub Den Leader the past EIGHT YEARS.  Guess what?  I've never drilled Tiger Cubs so that they follow the US Flag Code.




I looked for simple ways boys can learn to respect the flag.   I've posted two examples of how I've done that.  They've worked quite well for me.


If you are unhappy with such things,  follow you own standards in your own program.

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Title 4, Chapter 1 is addressed to the U.S. Flag. not a particular class of persons.


There are no penalties prescribed in Tile 4, Chapter 1,  Does that make it non-binding on BSA volunteers? 

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