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In the "Scouting the Web" area there was a new thread, started yesterday, named "Research Assistance Needed." For those (including the several people who replied to it) who wonder where it went, I have hidden it. This is due in part to some of the concerns expressed by posters who replied, including the possibility that the original post was not "authentic" and the possibly malicious nature of the link in the original post, which was then quoted (as a link) in some of the replies. I also felt that the link was "advertising", even though the original post suggests it may not have been intended that way. Since all of these reasons are based on "suspicion" rather than solid facts, none of them alone would have caused me to take action, but in combination I decided there was good reason to do so. My decision was made easier by the fact that the thread really has nothing to do with Scouting.

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but njcubscouter I really wanted to buy a term paper from them why are you so mean to me

Yeah, yeah. You can buy all the term papers you want, you just can't buy them from this site, unless they buy an ad. (However it is one does that.)

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