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Npr Story On Bsa/lds Relationship

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In 1987, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled in favor of the BSA (Quinnipac Council), that the BSA had a right to reject applications for Scoutmaster from women.  In 1988, the BSA abolished the gender requirement.


Can anyone, please, refer me to any case since then where a troop/chartered organization has been "forced" via lawsuit or civil authority to accept an application from a woman troop leader?

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As an LDS scoutleader in Utah here is my take:   The LDS church is pissed because of a lack of curtesy on the part of the BSA.  The vote seems intentionally planed at a time that the BSA knew that t

For anyone who is confused about this, I removed a "cartoon" from this thread, which is the subject of a couple of comments by walkinthewoods, above. For anyone who saw it and sees the comments about

This is amusing. Why? Because I don't care what other people do, I just don't want to have it forced down my throat. I've never denigrated anyone for who they are, I just don't believe it in reasons o


I don't think you will find a written program to push vocal religious organizations out of BSA. There actions seem a lot like a plan to get rid of

pesky vocal religious groups and people. If the religious folks didn't speak up about allowing gay leaders would there be any debate or turmoil?

The religious groups and folks are being pushed to the side in the name of progress. Let progress move forward. I realize what National thinks of

religious COs and folks. I will move on. The BSA has ticked off the LDS, by accident? I don't think so.

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