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May I be so bold as to ask a favor for a young boy?

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I did clear this with the forum owners as I don't want to abuse the boards, so now I'd like to ask a simple favor: would you help me to wish my nephew a happy birthday?


He has cancer, and he was first diagnosed a week after his 6th birthday. He beat it, but then he had a recurrence. He beat that one too, but he had a second recurrence. His name is Ryan, he's turning 10 next week, and he is still battling that third round of cancer. To keep families and friends updated on Ryan, I set up a website for him, and it has a guestbook. He loves receiving messages in it, and it's such a simple way to cheer him up that I thought I'd ask here for you to help spread goodwill to our Ryan.


By the way, he is a Cub Scout. His younger brother is a Cub too, and his older brother is a Boy Scout. Their dad is a den leader, and their granddad (my dad :)) has been involved in Scouts for about 30 years now. Most importantly, Ryan is a little boy with a big battle, and he fights it with courage and a smile; he's simply amazing.


Thanks for allowing me to come here and ask your help in celebrating Ryan and helping him keep smiling as he turns 10. His site is:



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Please give Ryan this message.




Happy birthday!


My best year in school was the fifth grade with Mr. Sisson. He read books to us everyday after lunch. I remember him reading the Hardy Boys series. I couldn't believe it that some books were written just for enjoyment. We had a rest period and then we worked. I didn't mind the work so much after the rest and the reading.


As I got older, I remembered the lesson that Mr. Sisson taught me. I tried to bring enjoyment to any work attempted. When I had a group of first year Webelos Scouts that was exactly what we did. We worked but we also had some type of reading, story or joke time. When I later taught school, I brought Mr. Sisson's lesson along with me into every class. I am still working with schools in a different capacity but his lesson still influences my work.


He has remained as a constant part of me all of these years and his lesson has been multiplied many times over. I now have two sons. We read on a regular basis just for fun. I am hoping that they will grow up knowing Mr. Sisson's example and teach it to their children.


I hope that you enjoy (fun) reading as much as I do. On any evening I treat myself with a cowboy adventure book, gardening book, astronomy book, and woodworking book. I don't feel that I need to finish them because my interests tomorrow might lead me elsewhere. Of course, a good adventure novel has to be finished.


Well, I hope that you love to read as much as I do.


Have a great birthday!




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I'd just like to say thank you to all who have been "signing" Ryan's guestbook. Bless you for doing so. I did not know he had taken a turn for the worse (the cancer has increased a lot--we were hoping he just had a sinus infection) when I originally posted, so the timing is particularly special. Ryan enjoyed his Pinewood Derby this past Saturday and begins celebrating his birthday today, with more celebrations to follow. As for me being a special aunt, thank you, but it's really easy to just love this little boy; he's amazing :) Thanks again, for you've touched many lives with your notes: when Ryan smiles, all his family's hearts are touched in ways that words can't give justice to.

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