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I guess I'm the only one that thinks that a policy allowing gay leaders doesn't hurt the boys in the program, but CO's who object to this policy and drop the program does hurt the boys.  I guess the approach of what I do doesn't affect anyone, but what others do does?  I can understand Irving's myopic point of view.  


Is this yet another new twist to Political Correctness that I missed the memo on?

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Why are we clinging to BSA?  There used to be a value to having 'Eagle Scout' on your resume.  Not so much anymore. The mud flung at Scouting has stuck. Eagle may now be a negative: "Oh, you excelled

We are Catholic. We have God on retainer.

It's already been done, so I don't think it's a matter of "should"

I agree completely.


I hope you understand that that posting was supposed to be sarcastic and that the decision of one group vilifies another bystander.  THAT is what Scouting is NOT supposed to do.


If BSA makes a policy statement they are responsible for any damages done.  If CO's leave, it is not their fault someone changed the rules in the middle of the game and just because they don't want to play the game anymore does not make them the villains.  It's time BSA owned up to it's own responsibility like we teach the boys when they make their choices in life.

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And that is the decision left for all CO's, unit leaders and scouts to make.


I guess we're going to find out who's really all that interested in playing the game with the new rules.

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I'm glad that the troop found a new home, and I'm glad it was reported as well.


Still, couldn't we somehow do a little bit better on the grammar here?


"The outpouring of community support that we have received in the last few weeks since we have been going through this adventure," said [...] Troop 54 leader.


"Growing into responsible adults is part of people and that is why they are so happy to have them on board with us," said [...], manager of the Mandan Eagles Club.


I'm reassured by the fact that there was an outpouring of community support in western North Dakota.

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