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Mormons Will Re-Evaluate Relationship With Bsa

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You think this is a threat? "I'll ask Terry to ban you"?


When he offers a complete explanation, I'll apologize.


And in your post above you just put quotation marks around something I didn't write as well. No user error for that. When someone publicly lies about me, I respond publicly and directly.

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I think all this discussion on Trail Life is pointless.  I'm fairly certain the LDS church is not going to want to be associated with another church's program for boys, especially one that requires a

Since no one else mentioned it, I am posting the link for the National Catholic Committee on Scouting Response. http://www.nccs-bsa.org/pdf/letters/NCCS%20Statement-150727.pdf   We Catholics seem to

From the OP link,   I can understand LDS being upset with this vote scheduled in July. Wasn't this originally planned for October?   I can understand LDS concern about the limited global reach of

Okay, here is the answer to the most recent sniping.  Moosetracker posted immediately after Pack's post at 8:11AM.  The post attributed to Pack was from the first paragraph of the second post and was taken out of context.  Moose was simply attempting to answer Pack's question.  So, hopefully we can put this at rest soon.



Posted Today, 08:11 AM

Why do they exclude LDS?




Very Next Post by moostracker shown below:




Posted Today, 08:38 AM

Last I knew, they would happily accept LDS youth, but LDS adults could not be leaders...  They don't consider them true Christians because they don't believe in the holy trinity, there was mention of them following not only the Bible but also the "Book of Mormons" that make them not true Christians.. Trails life will take youth from all denominations but they will only accept true Christians as Adult Leaders..

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Pack , BPDT made a mistake. Next to the quote it has an arrow. Click it and it redirects to a post you made. It's not the one he quoted. User error I think.


Anyhow. I hereby exercise my moderator powers. I'll be letting this thread cool down. I'll reopen it if anybody requests it and wants to discuss Mormonism, or how the policy change may effect BSA-Mormon relations.


Yours in Scouting,


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