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18 Years And Still At It

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This is my 18th year in Cubs, my husband 19 years in Boy Scouts.  We are in Jackson, Michigan and a small pack and troop.  So far in the past two years, we have had four Scouts go from Tiger to Eagle and three more on their heels.  We have four sons and one daughter, all Scouts.  Our two oldest came close to Eagle but life got in the way.  Our third is waiting on word from National on his Eagle.  Our fourth is 15 and starting to put his Eagle plans together.  Our daughter is a Senior Girl Scout and will start working on her Gold soon. And now we have a 9 month old grandson that will start his scouting career in 6 years.  Is there life outside of Scouts??

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Welcome to the forum.  


Seriously?  You need to ask?  NO, there is no life outside of Scouting, Scouting is who you are.  :)


I just drove 2,000 miles to attend a wedding of one of my Eagle Scouts....  It never ends.

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I wish I could have stayed involved in Scouting...After High School I tried College then went into Military...Wanted to get back in But was given the Cold Shoulder Locally because I was Single and Working on the Road a lot..Finally had an Opportunity to come back when a former girlfriend's  son got involved for a Short time in Scouting....Due to Medical reasons I never had or can have kids...Once they left scouting I basically was ousted again...Can't have an Older Man with no kids hanging around Scouting would be suspicious ! !


I wish I had the Opportunity to give back as much as Scouting gave me when I was a Youth..My Dad Died when I was 9.. So Scout Leaders were my Father figures. that and My JROTC Leaders


We can't even get a Local Scouting Alumni Association group going Here :(

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