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Den Yell Help

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I'm not particularly creative, and am having some trouble coming up with ideas for our den yell for camp. Our den will be the bulldozers, so that has to be incorporated in some fashion. The boys are all Wolfs and Tigers and only two have been to camp before, so they're having trouble coming up with anything as well. Creative minds out there with some cool ideas? So far we're going with the old stand by "everywhere we go, pleople wanna know, who we are" one, but most of the boys think it's too common to use. I'm stuck and I need help!

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One activity the first day of Day Camp will be making Den Flags and a Den Yell.  To aid Den leaders,  I Googled "Den Cheers" and "Den Flags"  and copied some of the results.  They give some ideas that boys and adults can use to get started.    But the basic idea is for the boys to come up with ideas,  not the adults.


Dens are also identified by Den number,  and den cheers can be based on the den number as well if desired.  


Dens will be supplied with an arbitrary symbol for their den together with their den number that is printed on with a color printer which they can cut out and glue on their den flag if they wish to do so.


That's the way I'm doing it,  anyway. 

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Yes, we're Den 1; the Bulldozers. Our boys aren't having any luck coming up with ideas. The adults are pooling their creative juices and not coming up with much either. My googling hasn't turned up anything that really interested the boys.

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