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So bought the system above. Son had the next gen system $30 more than the one above. For the record that's $150+ worth of filter systems. Second use, the things clogged...both of them. Not in the water system but the hand pump. One pump handle broke (on the more expensive system). The systems' hand pump needed to have an o-ring lubbed every use. Ridiculous!! Worked great the one time (first time) we used it. After that it was a disaster.


Contacting the company to return or replace the product. I would totally steer clear of the Katadyn systems. They are worthless. You'd be better off using a coffee filter and iodine tabs.

I use the Katadyn filter and haven't had any problems, but I do my backpacking in the high Sierras where the lake water is probably pristine enough to drink without being filtered at all.

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I have been reading a fair bit lately about hiking the AT, and the Sawyer systems come up a lot..... especially their "Squeeze".


 Seems to be popular, but I have no experience with it.

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