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Is Recycling As A Fundraiser Sustainable?

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Schools in my area do electronics recycling pickup as a fundraiser.  I'm not sure what/how that works out, but its really just a truck parked in the lot for a weekend morning, and its done. 


We're in the city, so we have no-sort recycling of cans, paper, plastics, etc.  One big blue bin.  I doubt can/paper drives can beat that convenience.

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Stosh, I beg to differ.  My community has recycling.  However, people can and do separate out the aluminum cans for us


We do as well, there are a number of collection points for aluminum cans all around the city with the name of the charity marked on them.  None of them are BSA, but a lot of school booster clubs, boys/girls club, etc. seem to have them full most of the time.  I have no idea how often they are emptied and whether or not they are really feasible.

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When we clean out garages (Rent-A-Scout for our older Scouts) we frequently pick up a lot of scrap metal to sell.


As for collection points for beer & soda pop cans: the personal touch works: at least say Hi, show them some pix of the last campout, etc.  Some of our collection bins are next to the bins of others.  Because we are PERCEIVED as being more active in the community, due to our frequent mention in the local paper (we send in the copy and accompaning pix) it is still very worthwhile for us.  Going door to door in the neighborhood -- if done frequently -- also works.  People see the Scouts pulling their wagon and they drag out the cans.


In the Spring, the local FFA sells mulch as their funder.  We come right behind them offering to spread it for a donation

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