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Boy Scouts Step In To Run City After Isis Leaves

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Properly inspiring, thank you for sharing.


It's been shared to our facebook page and will be going on the troop notice board this evening.


It's perfectly timed as well. Tonight's programme is being run by my two young leaders going to the jamboree in Japan, all themed on Japan. It's going to be a lot of fun, but a small reminder that scouting in the west is a different ball game to some corners of the world, where it is the difference between life and death far more often than most of us ever see.

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It is inspiring, but I am saddened to read in that article that the main militia group that defeated ISIS in that Libyan town is an affiliate of al-Quaeda. It's a shame that these Scouts - and their parents and the other civilians who just want to lead a regular life - are caught in the middle of all that.

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Makes you wonder what the Girl Scouts and Y-guides do there. ;)

At last report they shared common HQ, so their efforts are coordinated.


@@NJCubScouter, war makes strange bedfellows, or as the old middle eastern saying goes, "It is I against my brothers, [unless it's I and] my brothers against my cousins, my cousins against the world."

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