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New Leader Guides

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Has anyone bought any of the new leader guides?  I just want to know if they are bound or if I should plan to buy three ring binders to hold them, too.  Does anyone know?


Also, it looks like there are new guides for the den leaders, but not for the Cubmaster.  Is there a guidebook to help Cubmasters plan pack meetings?

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No, the new Den Leader books are not bound.  You will need to get 3 ring binders for them.


You can find Pack Meeting guides here:  http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/CubScouts/Leaders/DenLeaderResources/DenandPackMeetingResourceGuide/PackMeetingPlans.aspx (for FREE!!!)


There is a Ceremonies book and a Cub Scout Leader book, but I'm not sure how helpful they would be for the CubMaster (I got the Ceremony book and it looks pretty good).

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The previous guides had a set for each den level for about $10.


Now you get to buy a $10 set for EACH den level.


they are worth the price IMO though.  Much more in depth and layed out step by step than the old ones....Plus you don't need to go to multiple books for all the resource information 

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looking at September's now.

Yes, a huge improvement over the old.....

looks like a format that is actually easy to follow and implement, and seems to have some fun ideas and elements.


I can see the older boys rolling eyes at some of it.... targets a bit too young of an audience at times....


and then the advancement ceremony, what's up with that???

So they think in September we're gonna have boys that earned every rank?

OK, so we could in theory omit any that weren't earned.... but seriously?

In September?

we might have an odd boy that finished a rank after our last pack meeting in May.

and we might have some WEBELOS that earned a pin or two.... or maybe an old belt loop or two... I could even imagine a pack might have a few boys that earned a few of the new adventure belt loops......but none of these things are even addressed in the script!!!

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And I notice there really is no game or activity time.


I guess skits and such could be inserted in the Den demonstration section.... which is what I have always encouraged for what we used to call "den time".... they would put on a skit or something, or demonstrate what they have been working on.


I estimate that September script will finish out at no more than 30 to 40 minutes....  seems almost a little too short


I guess though, it could be bolstered with a snack

or a game while the adults stack chairs.....

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blw2: Latter-day Saint packs meet year-round and advance their scouts from one den to another on their birthdays, rather than in September, so some of them really will have boys earning their badge of rank in September.

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I envision us using the "advancement" time early in the year to recognize those that may have earned any adventure loops.  While they should have already physically received them by the time the pack meeting happens, its good to still recognize them in front of the entire pack.

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I love the new leader guides. Our pack graciously bought 5 of these (one for each rank) and gave them to each leader. We all agreed that if we did not return them at the end of the year, we'd cover the cost for the next year's leader of that rank. I have mine in my den binder and has already helped me immensely with planning our our year ahead. Granted I'm using it mostly for my den plans alone (getting all the achievements we need done before B&G if at all possible) but I love the way they laid it out. Much easier to understand this go round.

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