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Leader Knots

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I have to ask this question every year.  <sigh>  I had the old system of knots all figured out, and I have not been able to acclamate to the new list.  I'm tying to encourage all the leaders in my pack to work towards earning a square knot.  Mostly I'm trying to make sure I don't miss anyone who has earned one (because I was passed over more than once).  Anyway, I'm going to tell my den leaders about the den leader knot <easy>, and I'm going to tell my Cubmaster about the Unit Leader knot.  He won't be serving long enough to earn the Cubmaster's Key.  But I'm stuck on which knot to offer my pack committee members.  They work hard, too.  I know there used to be knot for them.  Does anyone here know what it is called now?  Thanks.

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