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New Pack Competitions

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Well,  the Pinewood Derby is a great pack competition.  So is the Raingutter Regatta.



But I'm always on the lookout for similar kinds of competitions that combine making something with a competition boys engage in.  These are great activities in themselves,  and are especially useful in using as part of a recruiting event.



So  --- what other such activities have you seen or would you suggest?



I'm trying to imagine something wire guided   like the airplane event but gravity powered.  Something boys would make then attach to a wire and then boys would compete to get the wire guided object to fall into a bucket or pass a finish line or something.



Extra points for something relatively simple and inexpensive!

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Well, the space derby is wire guided, but not gravity powered.  It is powered by a rubber band.  We are getting set to do a cub mobile race.  The boys and dads are VERY excited about it, but I haven't included it as a recruit event.

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paper bag with straw taped to the top

string through the straw and stretched across the room

2 or more of these set-ups, side by side

boys blow up balloons inside the bags, holding them closed

on your mark, get set, go!

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If you have rafters, or can hang hooks, you may want to set up a Tarzan relay, where all but two boys stand on buckets (or round matts if you fear falls) evenly spaced across the room between 1/8" ropes hanging from the ceiling. Have a loop or a carabiner at the end of each rope for easy transfer. The remaining two boys are at the ends of the line. The boys try to swing a toy (or a drawstring pouch full of candy) from one end of the room to the other without any boys falling off the buckets. Increase difficulty by having multiple toys. See which den can transfer five toys the fastest.

Increase difficulty again by having different toys at both ends needing to be transferred in the opposite directions ... or empty pouches at one end that need to be filled at the other and sent back.

Increase difficulty again by having the boys switch positions each time a toy completes a trip.

Really increase difficulty by having two lines criss-cross in the middle of the room.


The boys will love you by the end of this.

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I'm not a fan of the Space Derby. 


Too complicated --- too difficult to make it work well,  and more expensive than I would like. 



Favorites are---

1 Stomp bottle rocket launch

2.  Simplified Raingutter Regatta with boats cut out of scrap wood.

3. Cub Racer Racing ----our are set up to be pushed rather than run down hill.

4.  Paper airplane making/racing




Collect stickers to put on your racer each time you win!

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