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Ok, I notice a lot of the Packs out there have custom logos for their web pages or materials, how do I go about making it having one made. I've looked everywhere and can't figure it out.

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Our CC is a graphic designer. She designed ours--obviously free of charge. Poll your parents and see if you have some talented folks. Some of the "logos" you see out there are on t-shirts from ClassB.com.

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The Troop of my yoooth designed it's own Necker and patch. It was drawn by the Scouts, and translated into the patch by a

local embroidery shop.


Ask the kids what THEY want. Even Cubs (Webelos??) can produce really neat , evocative designs. Give them some parameters

(should include the Cub Scout diamond, etc. ) and turn'em loose. Somebody in your Pack is computer literate , and can scan

the design into a page to send around, etc.


Have fun with it!

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