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Follow Me Boys out on DVD!!

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I also got my copy this week - and my son has watched it twice already!


I also thought the boys would think it kinda corny - but it does have a timelessness to it - a continuity that follows thru.


Jon got a real kick out of the part where the boys 'captured' an army tank... and I overheard him telling another scout about the movie at Monday's meeting....


The boys have talked about having some

'family' events - i guess the troop used to have family get-togethers for pizza, etc. So I have offered to bring my DVD player to the church and I think we might have a family movie,pizza and popcorn night to show it. We'll have to see who might be interested.



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The DVD is on sale at Target this week for $9.99 along with some other Disney classics (Herby, Apple Dumpling Gang, etc.). I watched Follow Me Boys this afternoon & really enjoyed it! My son liked the war games scenes.


I hope I can be so upbeat if I ever find my scouts surprising me with a homemade "scout cabin" & a pan of charcoal biscuits.

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