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Mr. Gates Address At National Meeting

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Angler, I think you have a good point, and thanks for helping me think it through some more. It is inconsistent of me to suggest that Trail Life can sustain a program and set their memberships policy in the exclusionary ways that they have, while also suggesting that for the BSA (or for any group) such policy would be unsustainable due to that policy's discrimination against (my opinion) basic human rights.  I have to rethink my position on Trail Life (and I guess I already have). The fact that I hope that those boys and families have a good experience in their scouting endeavors should not affect my principles (especially when arguing principles!).  


Much obliged and good Scouting to you.


Adamcp I hope I would have half the integrity and intellectual courage that you demonstrate here.  I don't fault you at all for the apparent contradiction - you truly want what is good for scouts, whether in BSA or Trail Life.  You say above that your hopes should not affect your principles; from the other side of the divide, I understand and sympathize brother.  But it's no sin for your hopes to be free of your principles, when those hopes are for the good of others.


Clear principles unavoidably lead us to positions of absolutism one way or another; sometimes it's hard to balance those principles against a sentiment of basic decency for people.  The man who disagrees in principle with me but honestly (and publicly) engages in that struggle has my respect and goodwill.

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