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Junior Leader Training budget/cost

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How much are you charging for your council Junior Leader Training this year? Is this an increase from previous years? How much of your budget is used for staff "goodies" (t-shirts, hats, mugs, other recognition items)? How much do your staff pay to be on staff? Do you have a different staff fee for your youth staff vs adult staff?


Thanks for your responses.

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I actually don't have exact figures because I'm not in charge of them and because we're reworking the budget for this year, but I can take a stab at some of your questions.


We'll charge about $200 with an FOS discount that will drop it to about $160. There are two different courses and each have 12 patrols of 8 boys (96 boy camp). The staff is usually 15-20 in strength with about 10 adults, a good portion of whom are in that 18-21 age group. The staff hat and jacket costs about $20 per staffer. The staff doesn't have to pay to be on staff unless you count the money they're not earning by working at a normal summer job. In which case, some of these kids are sacrificing significant change to be a staffer.


Sorry that none of my numbers are exact.

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One thing that I did take a long hard look at during my term as Council Training Chair. Was the cost of training's.

Due to not being able to find a Scoutmaster in 2002 we did not offer a JLTC in our Council. We were able to get a couple of Scouts to Philmont and sent some to Greater Pitt. For some unknown reason the cost of JLTC had remained the same for a very long time and we were losing money. No one seemed very concerned. We were charging $85.00. Last year we did find someone who was willing to be the Scoutmaster, so we held the course just before summer camp. We put the cost up to $125.00. We did make a very small amount in part due to the council not making us pay for the use of the camp.

We do not charge the staff youth or adult anything. Everyone gets two t-shirts and a neckerchief along with the patch. I can't remember what the necker cost but it wasn't a lot four or five bucks. The shirts cost a little under six dollars each and the patch is about three.

We have never offered hats and mugs. Hats cost about six dollars at least that is what we paid for the ones that we had for Wood Badge. Mugs had a bigger minimum order then I thought we could sell so we didn't order them. I'm not sure if young Lads are into mugs.

For Wood Badge we did put about 100 photos on a disc and put it to music and gave these away. The discs were free after a mail in rebate and the BSA owned the copyright to the music which we had paid a fee for. Only last night at roundtable one of the participants came up to me and said how much it meant to him. It is great to show it on a large screen.


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