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Do You Really Need The Book ?

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The issue of having custom neckers made (or patches, etc) can have you run afoul of trademark infringement if you incorporate any of the BSA's protected trademarks.  The fleur-de-lis for one.  In our council, anyone having patches made for an event has to run the design by the SE and use "approved vendors".  It still irks me that they put "made in China" stickers on the back of official patches.

I believe that the FDL in itself  is not a BSA trademarked Logo.. The BSA Logo with Eagle forefront is. The FDL is used by Several place in their Logos Including WSO, New Orleans Saints, and University of Louisiana. 

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I think what CubDayCampDirector suggests would be illegal.  Those pesky copyright laws again.  If the BSA didn't care about the money, they could put ALL publications online or on a CD and all members

Agreed. Disagreeing with the price tag of a book isn't license to violate copyright law.   Another approach would be to re-use them like textbooks (which, in essence, they are) and lend them to the


Actually they do.  According to the Guide to Advancement, no one can add, subject, or otherwise change the requirements.  You might be able to physically get badges and give them to the kids, but I'd be royally pissed if I was a parent of one of those kids.>>




Outside of Eagle awards,  I don't think anyone pays much attention to that. 




Doesn't mean they shouldn't be.  I think there should be some integrity to the process.  I'm not saying there isn't value in the things you and others supplement with, but the award requirements should be done.  You can't disclaim your approach by saying "outside of Eagle awards" because in one way or another everything filters up to those Eagle awards.  What are we teaching kids if we gloss over the foundations and model to them that some rules don't and requirements don't really count?


We disagree, but I do applaud you for recognizing your own conflict with the new requirements and choosing to step away.  I mean that as a true compliment as it's never good for anyone when a leader isn't fully on board with a program.  I've been there myself.

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Just had a pack leadership meeting last night. The den leaders are excited about the new program and love the changes! Well, except for the AOL leader who has been doing CS for 12 years. He doesn't get too excited anymore about programs. ;) As a pack advisor, I am looking forward to seeing how the year rolls out and if enthusiasm remains high for the new format.

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