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Meeting Weekly Or Bi Weekly

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I have my Parent/Committee meetings immediately after our Pack Meeting (Pack is 6:30-7:30, then 7:30-8:00).  It works well for us, the Parent Meeting is usually just getting names down to volunteer for jobs running next month's activities.  All the hardcore planning/budgeting on "what to do" is done between myself (CC) and our Cubmaster, with e-mail to committee members if we're spending money we didn't plan on spending, following our annual plan from last summer. 


Our Pack used to do planning meetings on a separate night, but those ended up being just two-three people (or worse, just the one).  Now I can usually count on 10-12 parents hanging out while kids run wild in the gym.

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As a Boy Scout, taking responsibility for advancement is definitely in the hands of the Scout, but in Cub Scouting, I don't think the boys are mature enough to follow through on that.  I always was pl

just listening to a podcast at the moment, that made me think of this thread spin off http://scoutmastercg.com/podcast-259-socratic-scouting/


I know of at least one pack that has some sort of combined meeting where the dens all meet the same night, then they come together for a pack gathering.... or maybe it;'s the other way around with pack first....


At first glance this sounds like a great idea. But then, thinking about the new program it might get very complicated where there are generally 2 den meetings + 1 den outing to earn and adventure loop.  What if a single parent has a Tiger and a Wolf?  Where does that parent spend their time if one den is going on their outing and the other is doing one of their meetings?  That might get tricky.

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Some of my dens meet twice a month, some meet once a month, and one meets less regularly. :-(  I leave it to the den leader to work out with the parents.  The boys are very active in sports.  I don't want to make them choose.  They are too young.  They are still advancing, so I am content.

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When I was a den leader, we had 3 den meetings a month.  I thought it was too much simply because I was doing it all by myself with an adult chaperone.  (This was Bears and wolves or bears, wolves, and webelos.)  Now that I'm out and my little boy's in, they do den meetings twice a month and I think it's not enough.  Sometimes a den leader has to work late or gets sick or something and then he ends up with only one den meeting a month.  I'm also feeling great pressure to get him to earn his rank before June 1st and it is so hard for him! 

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I was telling him how I have have been reviewing my son's book myself, so I know what he needs to do.... so as dad, I have been steering him to complete things and he doesn't even know it... until I send him for his book and show him that he just finished Handyman, or whatever...

BUT my friend had the opinion that, in theory at least, it should be the boys reading the book and driving the bus.

I don't know that I totally disagree with him

but it was cool to see my son just having and fun and learning, not even knowing that he'll be getting a pin for it.

What you are talking about is stealth advancement and reflection ... it has its place at every level of scouting.

What your friend is talking about is personal growth and planning ... it has its place at every level of scouting.


They are mutually inclusive strategies.

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