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Girl Scout Jamboree July 22-26 At Summit

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The Charleston-based Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council will host a Girl Scout Jamboree July 22 to 26 at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in Fayette County.


The event is open to Girl Scouts who were in grades 4 through 12 this school year. The Black Diamond Council is inviting its own members but said it's open to Girl Scouts nationwide.


The Boy Scouts implemented stricter health requirements for the 2013 Jamboree because of the hilly Summit terrain and dozens of venues that tested participants' physical skills and fitness. Morbidly obese Scouts were banned from participating.


The Girl Scouts Jamboree won't have such restrictions, Storage said. It will be held mostly in flatter terrain, although the girls will have an average walk of three miles per day, she said.


The cost is $275 per person before Friday and $300 after that.  The registration deadline is June 19.



So the Thrifty way for a week at Summit is to go as a Girl Scout?  :confused: 

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One of our most enthusiastic GS moms had gone to such a Jamboree as a youth. (Good thing, as she had 3 daughters!)

By the description of it it sounds a little more like what Venturers in our region call an Area summit.

I hope they enjoy their time ... even though they'll be deprived of the extended hiking opportunities! ;)

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Hmm. As you say, the link states at the top 

Zip line, rock climb, rappel, mountain bike, kayak…spend three days participating in every adventure sport you could ever want.


Then scroll down under The Dates

July 22nd-26th, 2015


One day for gathering, 3 days for fun, one day for packing?


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For the first time 300 girl scouts from the Black Diamond council will converge on the reserve from Wednesday through Sunday. While the Summit has held a Jamboree for Boy Scouts before, this will be the first time the girl scouts will come to town.


While 300 girls may seem small, especially when compared to the 40,000 boy scouts their Jamboree brought in, Bechtel Special Events Director Jim Campbell hopes this is the beginning of larger Girl Scout events down the road.


“The Girl Scouts internally, they have a big push nationally within their organization to go back to their roots, to add more high adventure and camping to their program,†said Campbell. :huh:

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What a load of bunk! Why should the Girl Scouts have less stringent health requirements than BSA to use their facility? Girls that were in Venture Crews proved they could handle it at Jambo and they did just fine. As a woman I'm kinda offended that this was even done - did they provide hot showers and electricity for hair dryers too? There is no reason that women and girls can't learn to toughen up and still have fun. Heck, our pioneer grandmothers could handle it - and more.

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What a load of bunk! Why should the Girl Scouts have less stringent health requirements than BSA to use their facility?


Same has been true for other non-BSA groups that attend Philmont or our local camps, no matter what strenuous non-Scout activities they do. Pay less too.


So if old Schiff wants to go to the Summit it more likely would be with a Girl Scout group or maybe a rock band. :D

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