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Youth Protection In The Digital Age.

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As I have said before. YPT has been mis-titled.  I do not follow certain procedures in order to keep kids safe, I do it to keep the police off my front porch with a warrant.  I have been working with

Interesting, while this is not mentioned in the Guide to Safe Scouting it is mentioned in Barriers to Abuse Within Scouting.  See the last bullet point.  Got to love the inconsistencies.   http://ww

If a third person indeed must be party to every telephone communication, we have to hang up if a Scout calls to arrange a MB meeting or hang up if only the Scout answers a telephone call to his number

Someone threw out a rumor that Youth Protection Training will soon become a full day session.  Anyone heard that?


The rumor I heard was that it would be face-to-face. Nothing on length of training or frequency (e.g., f2f every two years, renew every year).

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I took live YPT at Summer Camp several years ago.  There was a film followed by Q&A, all led by a council representative.  It lasted just under two hours.


After we filed out, the Scouts filed in for their training.

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You may have a Senator in YP class with you. :blink: The Senate passed mandatory harassment training "for all senators, officers, employers and interns in the upper chamber".


The training must be completed in 60 days.

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