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Guide To Safe Scouting

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There are multitudes of opinions on what a "survival" knife should be - all the way from light MORA's to two-pound khukuri.  There are even advocates for razor blades.   As the knife is typically for use in "wilderness," it probably should be something you are happy with toting in the wilderness if design or accident puts you on foot..  Carry a folding pruning saw and you need less weight of knife.


There is more of a consensus on a "bushcraft" knife - 4" blade  with minimal to no guard - a slicer tough enough to baton wood as required.  (Lost? Sit down and carve a spoon.)


There are forums (forii ?) devoted solely to knives for bushcraft and survival.  



When gearing up and tempted to go the razor blade route, remember: "Things rarely go wrong according to plan."

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