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We have never had only one DE slot - sometime unfilled. That's since 1981.


If you expect DE's to do volunteers' jobs (advancement, program, advancement, training, commissioner's service), one is too many.

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If the district is too big' date=' why don't they drag their little map out and draw a line on it and make two districts and have, just for example, one DE per district. I can't imagine it being all the difficult, but I haven't worked in a council office for many years. Maybe it is getting more difficult to figure these things out. Stosh[/quote'] Bad idea. Happened in my district. Was hard enough to staff one, now we have twice the problem. Hf the doers went east and he other half west. Oddly enough they still hold joint camporees, training, recruiting, etc. Two infrastructures though. Makes one wonder why the split.
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