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Go ahead and vent. It's good for us to know that any unit can face these trials.

"Get off the computer." Might have been a bit harsh but, true, although not for the reason Stosh suggested.

This is one of those situations where every detail here lets unsavory types hone in on who in the real world we're talking about.


My second bit of advice: When our troop dealt with a trauma our institutional head and all the scouters kept the press at bay. They were given the number of council HQ. There are a few people who you absolutely have to talk to about what's going on. Then there's the rest of us. Maintain a fervent discussion with those few.


Along those lines, keep in mid that your daughter's a bright tack. (She was smart enough to join a crew, and to speak up when things turned south.) So figure out how you are going to handle the fact that one day she may find this thread. Asking a moderator to expunge it now is a reasonable request, IMHO.

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