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knot /lashing games got any new ones?

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we are preparing for Klondike and my son has been given the job of coming up with a 'game' to use knot and lashing skills for the meeting next monday.


All we have come up with so far is knot relays (boring)


and possibly a challenge to tie knots to earn the parts to lash a 'bridge' and cross a fake 'river' the knots would earn them points and parts to construct the bridge, and the quality of their lashings would earn points.


But judging and the point system is looking a little tedious... he has a time limitation of about 30 minutes for this activity.


Any other ideas? what has worked for your troops and the boys have thought was fun? we are more interested in CORRECT knots ans lashing, at this point, than speed.


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You might try somethink like Knot Jepardy. It would be played just like the TV game the categories could be Lashings, Hitches, Loops, ect. each knot would be assigned a point value, the harder the knot the higher value. The Scout would have to tie the knot correctly in order to get the points.

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Giant Clove Hitch tied around a tree (no stumps, must be full size tree). Use the thickest rope you can find and make it about 40 feet long. Everyone in the patrol needs to participate in 60 second planning session and then tying. Everyone has to hold the rope during the tying and pulling tight. Fastest time wins. (Of course...having the knot tied correctly must count for something, too.)


That's the knot. Lashing can be done by constructing a 3-piece flagpole. 3 poles lashed together to make a longer flagpole, 3 additional ropes long enough to use for stake-outs tied at a certain point and used to raise the pole...no hands on the pole after it's lashed together. Again, fastest time wins, and...of course, knotsmanship counts...all patrol members must participate.(This message has been edited by saltheart)

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I just posted this on another thread, but thought it worth repeating here.


Another knots game -


Instead of the normal "tie a square knot", have them tie knots based upon their purpose. We just did this Monday night. They had a good time, and hopefully learned more about how knots are used. For examples:

- Tie the rescue knot (Bowline)

- Tie the knot used to join ropes of different sizes (sheet bend)

- Tie the knot used to start a diagonal lashing (Timber hitch). BTW, every one of our guys did a clove hitch on this one.

- Tie the "first aid knot" (Square knot)

- Tie the knot that's great for tent tie-downs because it can be adjusted (taut-line hitch).


You get the idea. I think they learned from it.



BTW - I love the Jeopardy idea. We'll have to try that one.

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I like the jepardy one, too -


and it would give the different skill levels all a chance to shine - some that know some really odd knots could show what they've learned and yet the ones who are just learning the basics could participate & earn points, too.


Jon likes the jepardy game, too, anyway - I bet this will appeal to him, too.


We are doing this at a meeting, in 30 minutes, so I don't think we have time or space to lash a flagpole or find a big tree. I like the tree one - but they all did it at a camporee this fall, so they know the 'trick' to that one.


thanks - any more?



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Those are some great ideas folks -- I'll have to add them to my files.


LauraT7, here's some links that you might find also useful


Games: http://whatknot.tripod.com/knots/knotgame.htm &



A Challenge: http://whatknot.tripod.com/knots/knotpole.htm


Training Aids: http://www.dfw.net/~jazzman/knotter/Hitch.htm & http://www.pyramid3.demon.co.uk/knot/kaid.html(This message has been edited by ManyIrons)

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Here's on I saw at a Klondike Derby.


A patrol member was sat on a snow disc 50 ft from his patrol. The patrol members were given 7 lengths of line each 10 ft long. Some lines were the same diameter some were different.


As a timed event the patrol had to tie the lines together using the correct knots (square and sheet bend), then heave the rescue line to the stranded patrol member. The victim tied a bowline around his waist, the patrol tied their end with a clove hitch to the sled, then they pulled the victim and sled to safety across a predetermined line.


This required the entire patrol to work together as a team to get the best possible time.



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We've seen it above, but worth reiterating that a skill attached to a usage will sink in and stick far better than just teaching the skill for its own sake - especially seems to apply for something as hands-on as knots!

Lashing a flagpole as a game is a pretty good application (among several others) but how about reaching a box of cookies out of a tree? Or rethread a broken halyard on a flagpole? Several good lessons there perhaps?

Remember that it's a game with a purpose...

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the links are GREAT! I had to laugh when I saw the "hitching post" one - because our troop HAS one of these!


Ours is mounted on a box that we do store our ropes in, it also stores the candle log and other ceremonial equipment. It does not have the eyelets that would allow for the tautline hitches, etc - they may have never been installed, or they might have been removed so people could sit on the box comfortably - I'll have to look for holes next time I am in the troop room.


Our troop is very old, and we have alot of stuff whose use has been lost to past generations. We always thought this thing was something built like a 'bridge' to use at crossovers, despite it's being very narrow. We DO use it for knots, as the crossposts are very handy.


But Taut line is one our boys are very poor at, and adding those eyelets would make a perfect practice example. so I'm gonna see if we can do that!




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I'm glad I could help. Those links were some of the gems I found while researching knots for the Master Knotter program my council wants to present at our University of Scouting.


The "whatknot" site has some other interesting stuff. If you haven't already done so, go to the main knot page (http://whatknot.tripod.com/knots/knot.htm) and browse around.


For those of you who recall my thread on teaching knots and the Master Knotter program(http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=44448#id_44448), I've made many changes to the program and have forwarded them for review within my council. I'll post the details once I get their feedback.

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