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Congratulations and welcome to the club from a member of the class of 1981. It's already been stated, but the words from the Eagle Charge still ring in my ears, "you are a marked man". Everyone will expect the best from you, so keep up the great work in everything you do.

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I can only add my best wishes and echo the things that have been said.

This award is yours, you worked towards it, you earned it.

Please be sure to spend a little while thinking about all the work that your parents put in to helping you reach this goal. How many hours did they work to send you to camp and pay for all the things that you needed?

How many hours were put into driving you to where you needed to get too?

I bet that they are as proud as punch, still they do need to hear it from you.

As many have said you are a marked man, still the Big Guy Upstairs who helped you get this far will help you live up to what being an Eagle Scout is really about.

Good Luck and God Bless.


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Congrats also, from the Eagle Class of '74.


You should be rightfully proud of your successful completion of the Trail to Eagle.


Reflect now upon what it took to get there and the support and help you received along the way. Then begin the Eagle Trail, a trail of service to others, a trail where you give more than you received. You are at a pinnacle from which you will jump and soar high; high where others will look up to you. Your new trail follows the sun, moon, and stars. The Eagle Trail is the one you will follow for the rest of your life, facing new challenges with courage, compassion, and integrity.


Good Luck and Godspeed!

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Thanks for all the congratulations,if I may I would like to give a run down of the evenings events. I took the advice of many and pressed my uniform before I walked out the door. My board went very well it was held at the Sheriffs Office I got there around 5:10 my scoutmaster showed up to sit in around 5:20 I was taken to the back at 5:30. The three rewiewers consisted of a former sheriff, a former Judge, and a Lawyer, scary because I want to be a lawyer my self and they knew it. The interview went very well even though I was intimidated. Afterwards the Judge Came up to me and said that I was the most intresting person he ever had the pleasure of interviewing for the Eagle rank. I was out of the office by 6:35 so I went to my crew meeting as a Eagle scout CANDIDATE.


Oh by the way Bob, I dont think your a party pooper, a wet blanket perhaps...Joking. Yes my board informed my of the proper procedures but thank you for correcting me I am by no means perfect.


I will keep thinking about the points mentioned on this thread.



Florida Scout


P.S. Cobbler and Bug Juice sounds great, even better with my troop, I might just to that.

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I have no right to say what I'm about to say to you. I thought about sending this as a private message, but I'll say it publicly.


I have never served in Florida, nor served anyone that I know of who has.


I have no right to say that I'm proud of you. But I am very proud of you . . . as a fellow Eagle Scout.


Your most recent post has convinced me (although I didn't need convincing) that you are exactly the kind of Eagle Scout we need to carry the banner and responsibilities of Eagle Scout into the future.


Do so with integrity as you have done so far, and all will be well.


Congrats again, young man!



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Although I am not an Eagle Scout, you expressed my sentiments exactly. FS sounds a lot like the young men with whom I have been fortunate enough to be associated that have made Eagle.


FloridaScout! Congratulations on your achievement! you have my very sincere respect and admiration.


It sounds like many of us use the phrase in Eagle CoHs that point out a new Eagle is a "marked man". I've heard this nine times now, and every time a chill goes through me when I think about the accuracy of that line. Those of us who know what being an Eagle means will always hold you to a higher standard. And even those who don't know the significance of the award should always be able to tell there is something special about you. I'm betting you live up to these expectations well.


Good luck in all you do, though I don't think you'll need much luck.



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