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Camp outs and working towards merit badges

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I put in all the paperwork to become a MBC, however know it looks like I might become the Scoutmaster as ours is moving. My question is this; when the boys do their overnight camp outs can we work on merit badge requirement without any MBC on the trip. When we get back from the trip the kids turn in their cards based on whatever we might have done on the trip to an approved merit badge counselor for that badge?


Thanks for any help

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Short answer - it depends.


It depends on the merit badge and/or the counselor. Some merit badges (example: Camping) allow work on the badge before the discussion with the MBC. In the case of Camping, it's the camping nights. Most merit badges will tell you to perform/demonstrate/etc AFTER a discussion with the MBC.


By the way, you CAN be both a Scoutmaster and a Merit Badge Counselor.

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Welcome to the forum, I have copied this thread to the Advancement forum as there are many other discussions about merit badges in other threads and this one seems to fit there better.

I suggest that anyone wishing to respond, go to the same thread in Advancement.

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