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As you're working your WB ticket, I'm sure you will remember the session in the course on managing change. You will recall that when pushing for change in a unit, you should expect to loose volunteers who do not agree with the change. Be prepared for that.

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First, the rules require the discussion as a prerequisite, not the signed card. That is clear by the specific provision for pre-card work to be counted towards earning the badge.   The Scout shoul

ScoutMom22,   I too have been locked out for a couple of days. Here is my response as of two days ago.   As a long time Scoutmaster and given the situation as presented, I would congratulate the

You need to refer to Guide to Advancement, the BSAs advancement rule and policy book, particularly section 7 which covers the merit badge program. http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf  

Thanks, Mom22. It's good to know you have a boy who's driving you nuts trying to earn stuff!

So you have a belligerent SM and a committee full of BS-ers. Does that change how I think you should deal with this? Not by much. I'm not saying I agree with the SM. I just understand about how an ageist attitude sets in. Although lifesaving MB is not BSA guard, it is a little more serious than sustainability MB. This scenario happens more often than any of us would want, and the options are few:

  • Call the SM on the carpet. You did this. I'm sorry your boy wasn't a little older, because it would have been fun to see him respectfully make his case. You having to advocate for him reflects a sad state of affairs.
  • Run. Others have suggested finding a different troop. That's sometimes easier said than done. Listen to your boy. If he's not really having fun. Consider it. Otherwise remember the smiles on his face and accept the fact that there's gonna be a little nonsense.
  • Fun.The best way for your boy to get the silk purse out of the sows ear, is to try and get the rest of his patrol into practicing lifesaving skills. (Gravy would be him demonstrating a rescue on the SM!) Given the way this went down, the patch is gonna be small consolation.

Like 2C said, expect some otherwise useful folks to bail in a huff over this ... unless you find a way for everyone to dispense a little grace.

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The degree to which a person becomes defensive when questioned and sulks when he does not "win" is one measure of being a "big" and "mature" person. Sadly, the "size" of a person has little to do with height or weight, and "maturity" is not a matter of years.

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