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Thank you for not buying popcorn

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In spite of all the well-wishing self-esteem builders out there giving these kids a false sense of value, there still are activities out there that teach the boys what's really going on in the real world. This mom got it right! Either this little lad is going to grow up with a crushed ego just to spend years in therapy, or he's going to rise to the occasion and become a fantastic salesman. With a mom like the one he's got, I'm putting my money on the second option.



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<<~~After the Popcorn Sale, I took my son out for a quick dinner at a local restaurant. Over dinner, he told me that selling is hard work because you have to let so many people tell you "no" before you ever get someone to tell you "yes".>>



Heh, heh! He's actually playing in the Big Leagues.


Three boys selling popcorn together ought to find that entertaining enough of an activity as long as they don't do it too long at a time.


Especially for young boys, Scout activities should be FUN! I wouldn't keep selling popcorn after it becomes a job or they get discouraged.


I had a group of new Tiger Cub selling popcorn this fall at the entrance to the Ballard Locks in Seattle. They tended to lack the volume and confidence to make themselves heard. They wound up shouting all together "WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUPPORT SCOUTING BY BUYING CUB SCOUT POPCORN?"


That they could do, and enjoy doing together!

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For a lot of kids, making a sale is tremendously exciting. Without all the "no's" the "yes" wouldn't mean much. Reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode where the bad guy gets shot and ends up in "heaven" where he wins every time he gambles. After a while, it becomes clear that getting everything you want with no effort or risk is "the other place."

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