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Skymont, Tennessee

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Hi! I'm late to the conversation, I know.. but Skymont is in my council. I work part time for the council shop and I just wanted to throw out that Skymont is undergoing a lot of changes this summer.


First of all, the Camp Director (Buford) is now just the ranger. Scott Martin will be the new Camp Director. He is a young guy, Eagle Scout, former teacher. There will be a new Commissioner. They are working on hiring a new Program Director. They have added new merit badges. Scott is aware of the current complaints. I had a long conversation with him on Friday. He knows that last summer sucked and their were problems. I was up there for WEBELOS Camp, and we had to deal with the take down crew, and one could tell that it had been a mess. Scott is on a mission to improve Skymont. It won't happen over night or in a summer, but I do ask that you give it a chance. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.

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