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How to conduct a 'Go See It'

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We have 4 Tigers working on their Tiger Badges.

Its time to do the 'Go See it' portion where we visit a historical site or library in our community.



Im not really sure how to hold a 'Go See It'

Do we meet first at our location then all get in our separate vehicles and try and navigate to the location?

Or do we just meet at the location?



How much heads up do I need to give the location?

What if they really dont know what to do with us (The library for example)? I dont know what to do..



Our town pretty much shuts down at 6. Because of work schedules and being a rural town everyone is spread out and decided 7pm meetings is best for everyone.

Historical outdoor places are pretty much off the books because it gets dark so early.

Our downtown is historical in itself. Should we just walk around the old courthouse (its lit up but I dont know if people can go inside, I know its still used for offices.. plus I think it would be shut down at this time) and down the street?


Im pretty much lost on how these are conducted.

Any information would be so very helpful!






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First of all Eliza45, welcome to the forum!


It sounds as if one has a small rural type town you're dealing with. This is both good and bad for the boys. Bad because they tend to roll up the sidewalks pretty early in the evenings, but good because everyone knows everyone else and maybe would do a special evening preso if they knew it was for the boys.


For a library visit, I would simply make a phone call or stop in and visit with the head librarian and schedule a time and a wee bit of an orientation program for the boys. Kind of a welcome to the Library and this is what we have that's fun for you to do when you come and visit.


The Post Office, the same thing, stop in and visit with the Postmaster to see what he/she thinks would be interesting for the boys to see.


City/Village hall? Villiage president or such could be contacted and a brief talk about what happens inside the building that everyone walks buy and doesn't know what goes on inside. :)


Fire Department, call the chief, same for the Police department. No kid in his right mind would pass up the chance to sit in a squad car or fire truck and play with the siren and lights.


For the historical walk around, maybe have some who knows a bit about it go with you to fill in the blanks for the boys. Do this on Saturdays when you have daylight and have the boys bring a sack lunch and picnic on the porch of some historical building. Do a bit of Leave No Trace training so the garbage gets picked up and off you go!


I have done this for even Boy Scouts and the people have done a great job of age adjustment presentations.


I believe you're over-thinking this whole thing a bit. You should be enjoying this as much as the boys. If the town is small, just have everyone come to the library, post office, police station, fire station, etc. at the prescribed time, meet outside and go in as a group and introduce yourself to the presenter you have lined up.


Out of all the stuff you do with the boys, the boys will think this is the best!



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Welcome to the forums. I hope we can help you make the Cubs time worthwhile. Remember the Cub Mantra: "KisMif, KisMif..." Keep it simple, make it fun!

Go See Its are one of the best things in Tigerdom. Every Cub wants to go places and do things. Museums, fire stations, local newspaper printshop, dad's work place, the gang will enjoy any where special and out of THEIR ordinary.

By all means, call ahead. Maybe there is a special kid's program. Saturday morning, sunday afternoon, evening after school, anytime is good. Try to coordinate the Adult Partners schedules and necessities, but realize you won't please everybody all the time (where have I heard that before?).

It can be "meet at the Zoo at noon" or "meet at the church parking lot and we can carpool down", whatever works best, depending on the distance involved or personal schedules. Admission prices? Ask for Scout discounts! AAA discounts! Group discounts!

Local parks may have a kids program, call'em up. Don't forget the hotdog and/or ice cream stop on the way or after.

I remember one Den outing. We had found THREE (!) model railroad exhibits in town , one in a retirement community, one in a private house that had become a Railroad clubhouse and one in the local Town History Museum. We gathered in the Museum parking lot, and were able to walk to two of the exhibits in the span of a couple hours. AND stop by the local diner , which gave each Cub a FREE ice cream cone! It was less then 3 miles total, well within the range of a Tiger, but the Adults were challenged! We then drove to the retirement home, which put us thru a Scavenger hunt ("find the car wreck") on their train layout, it was all great fun. It took a little planning and research, but , hey, that's why we do what we do, right?

Another time, I arranged to visit the County Maintenance garage. It gave the Mnanger an excuse to insist his workers clean up the place. What a trip for these boys! Big trucks and busses, tires, gears, grease, dirt, tools, big men working, we were there for almost 5 hours. They couldn't do enough for us. The Cubs came away with booklets, souvenir parts (broken!) and smiles.

You will have nothing but fun , helping the boys get connected with their community and families. Have pity for the folks that can't (or won't? how sad) make time to spend with their boy. You can make a difference in their life, anyway.


Good Scouting to you!

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We would always meet at the location. As to a "heads up" it would depend on the place...if you're going to be asking someone to give you a tour or something, then for sure let them know you are coming. If you are going to a museum you could probably just show up, but for the TV station or newspaper tour you'd definitely need a reservation.

I'm sure a "walk-around" of a historic courthouse would be fine. Maybe you or one of the other den parents know of some "old-timers" in the community that could meet up with you and tell a few stories as to why the place is historic.

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Talk with your Tiger Partners about doing your Go See Its on Saturday, and get input on what time frame would work for all/most of them.


Always call ahead. Just tell them you have a group of Tiger Cub Scouts and most will work with you to give them a kid friendly tour.


Calling at LEAST two weeks ahead is good because that gives the place time to set up for your visit, and you time to tell your Tiger Teams. Also, there might be other groups vying for time slots to visit, or other things going on at the facility that you might have to plan around.


Go to your District Roundtable meeting and ask other Cub leaders in your area for ideas of where to go.


I always had everyone meet at the outing place. It was easier for everyone, and allowed some to leave earlier, or come a bit later, if necessary.


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Thanks for the tips!

We are a complete rebuild and Im playing Cub Master, Den Leader, Committee Chair, Treasurer, and Advancement

Ah! Lets top it off that this is not only my first year but everyone else's in the pack, so we are a little lost.



I probably am over thinking it, my head is just buzzing.


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Go see it's are much easier to plan then a den meeting -- and the boys love them. Just remember to make them all about the boys (no long winded adult questions about adult matters on the tours.)


And really when you see how your community will respond to those boys in blue shirts -- you wonder why every parent doesn't want their kids in scouts.


take pictures because the boys will forget how much fun they had two weeks ago.....

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