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Pack Meeting Ideas

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So we've finally gotten to the point to where we're ready for our first pack meeting. I wanted to get some ideas for things we should do during the meeting besides passing out awards. All the boys will be receiving the Bobcat rank along with a few of them getting some belt loops they've earned. What else can we do to make this exciting for everyone that comes?

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The #1 thing I'd suggest for a first pack meeting would be an exciting game for boys to play.


For December we have the dens make a Christmas "sleigh" from a cardboard box and decorate it. For the December Pack meeting, we have relay races with each boy in a den taking turns in the sleigh while the other boys pull each boy around the race course.


It's a barrel of laughs!


Or Google "Cub Scout Games" and find one that looks like fun to you.

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We always tried to avoid food at Pack Meetings- concerns about food allergies make it hard to plan for with the younger set. December Pack Meeting highlight was usually Santa delivering Pinewood kits to the boys- and candy canes for all (usually not an allergy concern).

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With just 6 boys a relay race might be a bit difficult with just the boys. You could do kids (Scouts & siblings) vs parents. That is always fun and involves the entire family!


If your Pack meeting will be this month you could do a (turkey) feather race (keep throwing a feather down a course and back to start). Or use a balloon with a turkey drawn on it and keep it in the air at all times. If it touches the ground the player has to start over. If you do balloons be sure to have some replacement "turkeys" for any that give their lives for the Scout's fun!


If you are planning a December meeting, snowball races with a plastic teaspoon and cotton balls is fun. Scoop a cotton ball out of one container, run to the end of the course keeping the "snowball" on the "shovel". Drop the "snowball" in another container and run back to hand off the "shovel" to the next in line.


We always did a pot luck dinner for the December meeting, with everyone bringing a side (have someone keep track so you don't end up with 6 containers of potato salad!), and the Pack buying the meat dish.


The highlight of our December Pack meeting (aside from the food and Santa passing out Pinewood Derby cars and candy canes) was our Popcorn Pie Toss. The top 10 popcorn salesmen got to toss a whipped cream "pie" (paper/foam plate with whipped topping on it) at the leader of their choice. Good, messy, fun!


A cool Bobcat Ceremony is a MUST! Look online for lots of ideas.


Do mini ceremonies for the belt loops too. Keep them in theme with the belt loop. For instance, attach basket ball loops to b-balls and bounce it to the Scout.


Snacks depends on the time of the meeting, and if they would interfere with the Scouts dinner. If you opt for snacks go with something healthy. Ants on a log (celery with peanut butter or cream cheese and mini choc chips or raisins), or ticks on a toilet seat (apple rings with cream cheese and mini chips or raisins) are good. Or just fruit and milk.


Always check your families for allergies!


Have FUN!

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Opening: Dens line up/sit together. Parents in the back. CM:: "Scout Sign!" (everyone should know what the Scout Sign means!) Everyone stands as the flags are brought in. Say the pledge, or the Scout Promise. . Post the flags. CM intro guests (see below) , quick review of agenda. NO ANNOUNCEMENTS (that's an adult thing), but you can speak about UP COMING EVENTS.

Den Proclamations: Each DL tells what they have done over the past month(?) and the boys applaud and cheer as appropriate.

Pack awards? Pick one Cub deserving to tie the ribbon on the flag.

Cub Awards? Say the name LOUDLY! Line'm up and pass'em out. with applause and cheers (silly, fun cheers!). Does your Pack have a ACM Cheerleader?

Anyone have a good skit? Do it!

Guest is an EMT from the VFD down the road. He comes up and shows his turn-out gear, talks about fire safety, calling 911.


Game time? Do "Rescue" with throw ropes and sliding on the floor....each boy throws a rope to his buddy and pulls him to safety. Next Rescued becomes the Rescuer., take turns down the ranks....

Closing: Lead the boys in Scout Promise, Law. Clean up area, put chairs away, gather in a circle and have Pack and DLs and Cubs join hands , Left over right. CM speaks of brotherhood of Scouting, but this is not all. Invite any other Scout folks to join in circle. Not done yet, ask family and friends to join in. Should be everyone! Give SHORT CMminute about being safe, thank Mr. EMT (in circle?) for coming tonite. Wish everyone a safe trip home , Squeeze hands goodbye, let go.


Traditions are formed early. Make them worthy of remembering.


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Good guest speakers -

Police Canine unit

Local nature center

Local chapter of the society for creative anachronism - or a BSA Venturing Crew that specializes in this

Local EMT from FD/PD/hospital for first aid demo

Local zoo

Local police dept - fingerprint all kids - talk about safety

Local science teacher - fun/messy/interesting science stuff

Local VFW - do flag talk/demo

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Talk to your Cub Scout Day Camp folks about their games and equipment. The Rescue Rope thing is pretty standard at our camp: One rope for each den, go to local HD and buy 100' 1/2" poly rope (cheap). cut into 20' lengths, melt/fuse ends. Tie FIGURE EIGHT knot in each end. Learn to coil the rope so it does not tangle when thrown (ask a Scout! or go on line )::

Hold rope end in RIGHT hand, end pointing away from you, back of hand on right knee, the thumb should be pointing away. Right hand doesn't move! LEFT hand grasps rope next to right hand, palm down, thumb pointing in same direction as right hand. Pull left hand toward left, let rope pay out thru hand until it is about as far away as is comfortable, maybe 4 feet? Left hand grasps rope and returns to right hand, palms facing each other, put the thumbs together. Drop left hand rope into right hand, which grasps new coil in on top of coil already there. Right hand doesn't move!. Move left hand again toward left, letting rope pay out thru hand. Left hand grasp rope, bring it back to right hand (right hand doesn't move!) , thumbs together, drop coil into right hand. Repeat.

Coil held in right hand will be laid evenly and if thrown , will pay out without tangling. Hold END of rope in left hand, throw coil with right, it should not tangle but will pay out evenly.

Practice throwing for accuracy. Length of about 20' is about right for Cubs. Older Scouts can fling a longer coil.

KiSMiF !!

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Ummm.... two teams of three --- good to go!



In my experience, boys LOVE games and competitions. The key is to make them simple and fun, so that winning and losing is not a big deal. A loss is just an opportunity to try the game again.


For example --- our Pinewood Derby has boys choosing continuously who they will race against. The winner of each heat wins a sticker they can put on their car or their Pinewood Derby Driver's License.


They probably run three heats/minute.


MANY Pinewood Derbies are WAY too formal in my opinion, with boys waiting around for infrequent opportunities to race.

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